890 Partyshond street, Garsfontein
Gauteng 0060


+27 12 998 7023
+27 12 993 2634
+27 83 286 2586 (emergencies only)

Clinic Times:

Mondays 8h30 – 13h00 (sr Marcelle), 13h00 – 18h00 (sr Maryna)
Tuesdays 8h30-13h00 (sr Marcelle)
Wednesdays 10h00-12h00 (Postnatal class sr Maryna)
Wednesdays 13h00-15h00 (Nanny and me training sr Maryna)
Thursdays 8h30-13hoo (sr Marcelle), 13h00-18h00 (sr maryna)
Fridays 8h30-13h00 (sr Maryna), 13hoo-18h00 (sr Marcelle)
We are also available 2 Saturdays per month

Best times to phone for appointments:
Tuesdays 8h30-13h00
Thursdays 8h30-18h00
Fridays 8h30-13h00

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