Taking care of your baby this winter
in Sr Maryna Botha's Advice
on 11 June 2013
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Winter is here...and with it comes the dreaded flu, and it might include swine flu.

Remember the body aches, the sore throats and the streaming noses.  We would like to give you an advanced warning to let you know that you can beat the bugs. This year the A/California/7/2009(H1N1),A/Victoria/361/2011(H3N2), B/Wisconsin/1/2010, flu strains are included in the vaccine.

The 2013 flu vaccine will be available at the clinic from the beginning of February.  Please phone to make sure that vaccine is still in stock.

Who should receive the flu vaccine?
  1. Persons who are at high risk for influenza and its complications because of underlying medical conditions and who are receiving regular medical care for conditions such as chronic cardiac and pulmonary diseases, chronic renal diseases, diabetes mellitus and similar metabolic disorders and individuals who are immune­ suppressed.
  2. Residents of old age homes, chronic care rehabilitation institutions;
  3. Children on long term aspirin therapy;
  4. Medical and nursing staff responsible for the care of high risk cases;
  5. Adults and children who are contacts of high risk cases;
  6. All persons over the age of 65;
  7. Any persons wishing to protect themselves from the risk of contracting influenza, especially in the work situation where you can't afford to take a day off work.



From Homeopath Dr M de Klerk we have  a Homeopathic remedy available, to build up the immune system to  prevent colds and flu:

Spray bottle: (R70,00)

Contains 2012/2013 northen hemisphere  flu strains, including the H1N1 strain, Adenovirus, Cytomegalovirus, Epstein Barr virus and Haemophilus influenza.

Prophylactic:5 Sprays in mouth 3x per week.

Feeling flu like symptoms:5 Sprays hourly.


From HEEL products:

Engystol Oral ampule that protects against ( flu)2,  RS Virus and Adeno-5-,HSV-1- viruses.

Engystol acts independently of interferon-alpha on viral activity. Engystol works directly on the virusproliferation.

Regime to prevent colds and flu:(R90,00)

Week 1: 1x ampule Engystol orally (use only plastic teaspoon)

Week 2: 1x ampule Engystol orally

Week 3: 1x ampule Engystol orally

If sick with Flu-like symptoms give 2 Engystol tablets every 3 hours until symptoms improve, or 1 Engystol ampule per day for 5 days.

Support Engystol ampules with Gripheel tablets , 2 tablets every 3 hours until improvement.


Tissue salts Combin (2,4,5):(R110,00)

0 months - 6 months half tabl 3xper day, 6months - 1 year:  1 tabl 3x/day.

1 year and older:    2 tabl 3x per day.


Bio- immuunova ,Creche Guard, Viral guard, Zin plex,  Propolis Kid, immuno Kid for general immunity.

Olive leaf extract is a wonderful natural “antibiotic”. Vita C 2000 for a buffered (non acidic) vit C supplement, and Sportron is always a great idea: Respitron and Phytogard for immunity and protection of upper respiratory system


We hope you have a healthy winter.


Sr’s Maryna and  Isabelle