Sr Mayna Botha has been an out-and-out blessing to me as a new mother. From the very moment I met her, I knew my baby and I were in good hands. She has an incredibly gentle way with babies, and gives excellent advice in an informed and professional manner. I cannot imagine going to anyone else for my baby's vaccinations, and for advice preparing for the important milestones. My husband and I also attended antenatal and postnatal classes with Maryna which were extremely informative. She offered us everything from feeding advice, baby weighing, vaccinations and the genuine caring support and advice that a new mom needs. Thanks for everything Maryna!

Nadia van Vuuren

Sr. Maryna is wonderful and caring and treats our new Mommies with sooo many questions with great patience. Thank you for that!

Martha Bayts

I would have stopped breastfeeding long ago if it was not for the constant encouragement from Sr. Botha to continue with my babies breastfeeding. The result is a happy and very healthy baby.